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Adobe Induced Patcher

Crusisx Admin posted Nov 26, 13
It has been ages since we have even came out with new versions with more things implemented and fixed and such, well the reason for that is simple, having a full time job is a little exhausting and such, but that does not mean we have given up, it will just be awhile for another update, however we will try to give more frequent updates for our patcher with a few fixes and such, but for the real fix and such we need to recompile our whole patcher to net frame work 2 sp1 as that was working with all windows and very stable. We apologize for the major delay.
vidcare HELP!!! Struggling for HOURS and cannot get it fixed. I had Adobe CC patched by Induced old patcher. Everything worked ...

Movie Night: Fast and Furious 6

Crusisx Admin posted Jul 9, 13
Stream for free by clicking on the link below
The latest update on the Adobe Induced Patcher, now supports most of Adobe CC, you can find the thread below.
jcobarbosa It is not patching the Flash Builder 4.7 64bits. Could you help me, please?
king James Everytime I try to launch it, it says that Project Induced TM has stopped working... any idea why, I have latest .NET fr ...
Alan Great work! Most of the apps work great, looking forward to the patch for muse BTW Is there a patcher for mac? I don't ...

Free Game Sounds 5 Days a week.

Crusisx Admin posted Jun 2, 13
This is my new channel for Game Sound Effects, which I will be uploading 1 Game Sound Pack a day out of the 5 day week, so 5 Game Sound Packs a week, use them for video editing, movies, videos, school projects, you name it.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Crusisx Admin posted May 30, 13
Download it here:

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